EVENT: Gin & Tonic

Four course dinner with drinks pairing!

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In case you haven’t heard already heard, gin is in!
Gin is the spirit of the moment and why wouldn’t it be, with so many amazing gins on the market distilled with delicious ingredients, there is a refreshing gin for everyone’s taste.
On Monday January 22nd at our South Yarra Restaurant we will be hosting a very special evening to celebrate the Gin & Tonic. We have chosen some of the best gins from Australia and Italy to feature in our four course dinner. Each course will be paired with a specially selected gin.
Tickets are $149

Monday January 22nd
48h, 373 Malvern Road, South Yarra


Tuna sashimi with lemon grass
and coconut milk
Served with Gingle Bell Finger Lime Gin

Tagliatelle 30 tuorli Porcini extraction,
black summer truffle buffalo milk butter
Served with White truffle Wolfrest Alba Gin

Beef check slow cooked with black amber plums
Served with 36 Short Blood Hibiscus Gin

Martin Pear 2.0 filled with creamy gelato
Served with 36 Short Blood Orange Gin


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